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02 August 2011 @ 08:18 am
Where is your happiest place on earth?

where My Family gather!
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20 April 2011 @ 06:58 pm
Just read the entry posted by Nextshot on Domoto Kyoudai Community~
and i just know that Domoto Kyoudai will welcome a new members on May 8th.
The new members will be Makihara Noriyuki, Nishikawa Takanori and Takahashi Minami (AKB48).
and the saddest thing is Brother Tom, Fukada Kyoko and both of HALCALI will be "Graduated"  from Domoto Kyoudai...
It's Soooo Soooo Sadddddd that 4 of them will go,furthermore they will go at once!
Totally will miss them >.<
Especially Brother Tom,He knows Kinki well (since Love Love Aishiteru)...
He always come out with a funny comments and interesting thought about Kinki and the guest answers...
sometimes he will help fixed the awkward situation,and I really love his 'Comedy Skit' with Takamizawa-san,both of them have an interesting character and fashion-style :p
and definitely i will also miss the girls,i bet it will also be a big shock for the male fans of SDK ...
FukaKyon is a pretty princess,but more than that she also a mature and tough woman,at first i don't like her as she seems "fake" and try so hard to be cute :p but then my image of her slowly change as i watch Domoto Kyoudai where i think it also the place where she "develop".and it nice to know that she has co-starred with both of Kinki Kids...
and HALCALI,they are a sweet,smart,and fashionable women.they represent the young generation and they look like Kinki Kids' younger sisters.
I also like the portion of member seating (before 2011),the Male members seat behind Koichi and the Female members seat behind Tsuyoshi...
ah,and i wonder now will Minami be the only female member?I think it also good if they will return to the early format of DK with all male members,but it will be unfair to the male fans of SDK :p
but of course I totally look forward to the new members,since they also a famous singers and i don't expect that they will be Domoto Kyoudai members.But does it will be okay to have Takanori-san as a member?he is one of Tsuyoshi best friend,so i kinda wonder with his presence will Koichi be neglected by tsuyoshi (*watch SDK with Takanori as the guest ^^)
regardless of all,surely i feel so sad about the left of  Brother Tom, Fukada Kyoko and HALCALI,but there's still Takamizawa-san,Tsuchi-san and Ken-san in the band, and i believe Domoto Kyoudai will still Interesting after all since it has KINKI KIDS on it ^0^
Ganbarou ze, Domoto Kyoudai!!
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10 April 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Today, on the 100th day of the year (April 10,2011), Someone that is remarkably cute and talented is having his birthday~


お誕生日おめでとう ^0^

it's been 32 years since you came to this world and save many people lives ^^

I'm so glad i 'found' you, you're the one who show me how great live is and  teach me how to paint my color on this live...
You're So Amazing!
Please Keep Your Health, Do what You Want to Do, and Be Happy!!

nb: I'm waiting for Domoto junior :p

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07 April 2011 @ 05:44 pm
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

I would say "I Love You!"
"Sorry,it take me very long to say it even though the feelings are already there the first time i saw you." XD
*i just want to say it as soon as i saw him ^^ *

Where were you before?
What was your world like?
Who did you love?
What scars do you bear?
Have you been crying alone?
It’s because we want to know all about each other that we can fall in love...

(Fukuyama Masaharu - Hotaru)
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*you can watch the full show here (btw, it's the full show of Music Station for this episode, not the Kinki part only, because i don't have the program to cut this kind of format, but i hope someone will)
on Music Station 2011.02.25, for Birth Year Songs corner (now it's my favorite corner^^), the picked date is February 2001~
Fortunately Kinki Kids' single "
Boku no Senaka ni wa Hane ga Aru" was released on 7 February 2001, and it's sold well that time so it'll definitely on the list ^^
by the way,this time the kids that'll give their opinions are attending the same elementary school with duo
(many of the kids know that Yuzu is their senpai, they also show photo when Yuzu were a kid)

ok,here is the snapshot of No.2 spot:

Then comments given by the kids~

The girl on the left is hitting her stomach because she feels enthusiast ? (*it's so cute ^^)
and i think she said they're Johhny's right? and something about her (boyfriend) type??

Even though i don't really understand what she said but i think the girl in the middle is surely interesting and funny~
she said something like "whoaa~so cool!" and something related with kekkon (marriage?),hmm...

these kids also said (kinki Kids) is kakkoii (Cool?)
and suddenly the reporter asked the kid on the right  "Which is more cool, Yuzu or this one (Kinki Kids)?"
the kid think for a while, then his friend give a little "touch" to make him hurry (or to give a hint to say the answer :p)
and finally the kids answered "Maybe Yuzu"
(*i'm not sure if it's his own answer :p, as Yuzu is their senpai ^^v, Yuzu is definitely a nice duo but My Favorite Duo definitely will be KINKI KIDS! ^0^ )

Kinki Kids is indeed KAKKOII~
and i love how the stage was designed and many feathers fall down while Kinki Kids is singing...
just looking at them standing like that make me ahhhhh~~ .>.<.ureshii ^^ I can even fly to the sky!
on Music Station 2010.06.11 some kids said that they (Kinki Kids) looks like a HERO and i totally agree,fufufu~
and why i'm the one that being nervous when Kuwata keisuke-san watch the vtr? *_*
(*i really hope he will come to Shin Domoto Kyoudai~)

btw,if you want to know the number 1 song is "Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep a Secret?"
(*the song even ranked 1st on Oricon Yearly chart for 2001)

and do anyone know when exactly single "Time" will be out?
Dynasty Warriors 6 will be released on March 10, and "Time" is the theme song...
so when or will it be performed on Music Station?hmm...

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22 February 2011 @ 01:33 pm
Found it HERE on Tudou~~~
-Someone is mimicking Domoto Tsuyoshi (Kinki Kids)
-The song that he chose to sing was Mou Kimi Igai Aisenai by Kinki Kids

First,they only let us hear the voice when he sing~(*his voice is good!)

Then the curtain is opened~~~

hmm,lets take a closer look...

my reaction: Oooooo~~~~

the comedian group Neptune was laughing so hard^^

This cameraman was very evil (^^), he zoom in the head!

and Tsuruno Takeshi burst into laugh<<<it always fun to see people laughing^^

a shock expression ^_^ !

This man even want to give more laughs by purposely doing some wink, pointing in and made a cool pose at the end of his singing.^o^.

a smiley Akina~~~

The duration for this video is very short only 01.01 Minute...
**of course despite all the things that have been laughed out about, this man was singing beautifully,his unique voice resembles Tsuyo's and we could hear that the audiences was applauding for his singing~~~

I just realize that Domoto Tsuyoshi singing has been mimicked several times already, showing that Kinki Kids and Tsuyo himself are very famous notably for the singing and music. Tsuyo's voice is remarkably unique, and furthermore Kinki Kids has many great songs, so no doubt that anyone who choose to mimic Domoto Tsuyoshi or Kinki Kids will create a great interest for people to listen.

*btw,If anyone by chance know the name of this show or the date when this episode airing,please tell me.>_<.
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Kinki Kids song once again show up on Music Station's Birth Year Song, and now it's for October 1999, Ame no Melody come out as No.1 song for that month~~~~
Lalala~ So Happy to see the clip of Kinki Kids there even though the duration was very short...
since Kinki Kids new Single was not out until December 2010 so i feel very lonely and totally miss them.>_<.
and because i'm interested with the comments given by the kids and the expression given by another artists,nowadays i become so intense downloading the videos of past Music Station to search another similar category or topic that Kinki Kids maybe included,hoho...(*yet kinda creepy me?^^)
until now i've found a good amount of them that i really want to post!

Here is the snapshot of No.1 spot:

and the Comments given by the kids:

the words that i knew only SHITTERU(= i know or i've seen them before?), WAKAI (=YOUNG) and SUGOI SEXY(=Very Sexy),*Kinki Kids indeed Sexy^^,and SUGOI(=AWESOME),truly agree with those kids comment!

for this i knew only Futari(=both or 2 of them), Mezarashi(=Rare?), and Kore(=like this/that?),and the word 'Sugoi' came out again^^
hmm,maybe they said it's rare to see them(*Kinki Kids) to perform like that(*dancing)?

the word 'Sugoi' came out again,and i think the girl said that it will be nice if they(*Kinki Kids) become her older brothers(*Oniichan)?
and finally the one that they were talking about:

Huwa~~~Huwa~~~Huwa~~~They were AMAZING!
the dance fitted perfectly,both of Kinki (Koichi&Tsuyoshi) were dancing beautifully and so sexy!!
they were 20 that time so... :p
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Knew it from someone(*Thank You,You save my day^^)who post it in Domoto Tsuyoshi Group at Facebook...

Baby Star doing some new campaign with its "collaboration" with Kinki Kids~~~
the title is:

「KinKi Kids x Baby Star 親子トートバッグプレゼント」
or the translation from Google Translate(-_-!):
Kinki Kids x Baby Star Family Totebaggupurezento(ToteBagPresent?)

it seems that there will be a lottery or raffle for anyone that want to get this SUPER KAWAI bags!
and it also seems that we have to buy some baby star products on a certain amount to get the chance for the lottery?

rather than make anyone who read this more confuse,better hurry check out the campaign
huwa,REALLY want those bags!!

I always love to see the cartoon and drawing version of duo Kinki Kids~~~
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Another post about Music Station when a bit of Kinki Kids was "shown".........
they're "appeared" when the topic is about Artists from Nara prefecture - Kinki Kids (Domoto Tsuyoshi)

it's fun to hear what the kids think about Kinki Kids~~~~
(ah,those kids are from Nara Prefecture too?)

Mr Ambassador and Ouji-sama~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tsuyo was dark!..(because of fishing or the lighting?)
Takki and Tsubasa were there,,,(i also love this combi,hope they will come to SDK to promote their new single^o^)
hmm,i kinda want to know what image that Arashi have about  Kinki Kids.*_*.
Huwaaaa~~can't wait to watch SDK on sunday,this week just seems so long...-.-...
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as an information, Zenbu Dakishimete sold over a million and ranked 10th on Oricon yearly charts for 1998~
How i miss so much their appearances and performances..>_<..

No.1 Song for August 1998 (Proud of Kinki^^)

What the kids think about Kinki Kids performances/appearances/etc that played in the video~~~ 
(i just understand Sugoii :p , really curious what those kids think*_*)

some criticism? (but i think it also hilarious^^)

and the one that they've been talking about~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

huwaa,missing them so much!!..>_<..
when will Kinki Kids new single be out?
Kinki Kids not produce any single yet this year,do they keep it for next year?
really waiting for good news soon,Amen...
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